They Didn’t Know What To Make Of Him, But Minutes Later, Everyone Is Gasping In Disbelief


This middle aged man dressed neatly in a suit who showed up on Britain’s Got Talent with a stage prop nobody expected, a trampoline.

He tells the judges how he bought the trampoline for his kids. When he started bouncing around and playing on it, it was suggested he try out for BIT. When you look at the guy, resembling the late great Robin Williams, and look at the trampoline, the whole thing looks pretty suspect. It makes you wonder if his friends maybe just put him up to this as a joke, giving him false hope he could win the competition. Maybe he’ll do a few jumps, maybe a somersault or two, then be buzzed rather quickly.

What end’s happening instead might not be the most technical of trampoline skills, but it is definitely the most hilarious routine I have ever seen!

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